Posted: August 15, 2009 in Blogs, Science
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PZ Myers

PZ Myers

Biologist PZ Myers, that’s Pee Zee not Pee Zed, runs the Pharyngula blog and it’s updated daily with interesting posts on matters not only of a scientific and biological bent but also posts about atheism and the fundamentalist right-wing Christian elements that seem to proliferate in America. As an educator, he takes a special interest in the doings of the morons that harm the educational well being of the USA.

But whether of a scientific nature or of a political/religious nature, the posts are always a thoroughly good read. One of the best parts of the blog is the comments section for each post where many of the commenters are regulars and are renowned for their wisdom and humour, sometimes in the face of extremely trying obduracy from fundamentalists who infest the comments.

I have spent hours lurking in the comments section enjoying myself and maybe that means I’ve too much time on my hands, but it’s so easy to be hooked into reading on and on.

PZ Myers himself comes across as a humane and intelligent man who, nevertheless, does not suffer fools and who seemingly miraculously always manages to come up with interesting material every day. Get over there.


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