Bad Astronomy

Posted: August 16, 2009 in Astronomy, Blogs, Science, Skepticism
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Bad Astronomer Phil Plait

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait

Another must visit fun science site is Bad Astronomy created by author and astronomer Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer and champion of reality. Not only does he post great science articles but he also makes informative entries in his capacity as a tireless campaigner against the nuttier elements of society. The insanity of the anti-vaccination morons, Young Earth Creationists and the numbskulls who deny man ever landed on the moon are subjected to a healthy dose of reality and are soundly debunked by the Bad Astronomer.

Phil Plait comes across as a friendly and enthusiastic communicator who desires only that mankind continues in its adventure into realms scientific, for the benefit of all. To that end, he rightly reveals the harm that idiotic thinking and slavish devotion to senseless ideas and ideals, for which there exists not the slightest shred of evidence, can cause. Unmissable truth. It’s what the web’s for.


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