Park & Krap

Posted: August 22, 2009 in Music, Rock
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Park is a short rock piece and Krap is it played backwards in a certain way.

Park by Pule Thamex

Park has an ABA format and for Krap what I did was write the A section backwards one measure at a time, so first was measure one from end to beginning then measure two from end to beginning and so on. When it came to section B, because of the way it was written with many notes tied across measures, I decided to invert the whole section completely instead of inverting it from the beginning of the section measure by measure. Then it’s section A again with each measure in turn played backwards. One difference is that Park uses clean electric guitar and Krap uses distorted electric guitar. The percussion is not played backwards in Krap and is almost the same in both pieces.



Krap by Pule Thamex


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