Coming Home Piano Suite

Posted: August 29, 2009 in Classical, Music, Piano
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Coming Home Piano Suite

Coming Home Piano Suite

Note: Fixed faulty sound on parts 3 and 5

This is in six sections:-
1) Under Blue Skies Uncertainty and reflection and the natural world.
2) Mouse Small things in nature considered and observed.
3) Distant Castle Even big man-made things are small when viewed from afar but still manage to loom large in the imagination and in their imagined history.
4) Here Comes The Night and the stars come out.
5) The Moon In The Pool The glowing satellite is a quarter of a million miles distant and yet there it is floating in the pool just a few feet away.
6) Coming Home After all, perhaps there is no fitter place, and apart from a couple of brief reflective episodes, a mounting joy is evident the closer to home one gets. Finally, home. Coming Home Piano Suite by Pule Thamex


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