Frank Zappa – It Must Be A Camel

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Music, Rock, Zappa
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1969’s Hot Rats was the first album of Zappa’s I bought and subsequently heard in its entirety, I loved it at first hearing. I still play it now and I still love it now. Zappa had disbanded the Mothers Of Invention, though he used Ian Underwood of the Mothers for this recording which was released as a solo Zappa record. Ian played all keyboards, clarinets, saxes, and flutes. It Must Be A Camel is the last track on Hot Rats but despite evoking an air of finality, there is a plaintive quality to it, specially in the last section, that made me wish it would not end. So I just played the whole album again and again. Probably, at the time, my most played album ever.

You can appreciate Zappa’s love of percussion on this piece as there are percussive parts throughout apart from the drums. I believe that Zappa’s first ever composition, as a schoolboy, was Mice for snare drum, he clearly maintained a love of percussion during his performing and recording lifetime.


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