Released in 1969 as Humble Pie’s first single, Natural Born Boogie, written by Steve Marriott, reached no.4 in the UK single charts, and was their highest UK entry. The single and its B-side Wrist Job cab be found as bonus tracks on the CD version of their first album from 1969, As Safe As Yesterday Is. Humble Pie were former Small Faces front man Steve Marriott vocals, guitar, former Herd front man Peter Frampton vocals, guitar, former Spooky Tooth member Greg Ridley vocals, bass and Jerry Shirley drums. The title was spelt Natural Born Bugie on the records.


Shocking Blue – Venus

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Dutch group Shocking Blue released Venus in 1969, it was written in 1969 by Robbie van Leeuwen and can be found on the CD version of their second album At Home. At the time of this recording Shocking Blue were Mariska Veres vocals, Robbie van Leeuwen guitar and backing vocals, Klaasje van der Wal bass, and Cor van der Beek drums.

The Move – Blackberry Way

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Though The Move had had four successful hit singles previously, Blackberry Way, their sixth single, was the first to reach no.1 in the UK charts. Written by Roy Wood and sung by Carl Wayne who was shortly to leave the group, it became The Move’s biggest selling hit.

The opening title track from 1970’s second album by Atomic Rooster. Death Walks Behind You, was written by Vincent Crane keyboards and John Du Cann vocals and guitar, Paul Hammond drums, completed the line-up.

Just A Little Communication the closing song on 1973’s Communication, the third album by Hookfoot was written by Caleb Quaye. Hookfoot were Caleb Quaye vocals, guitar, piano. Ian Duck vocals, guitar, harmonica, Roger Pope drums, David Glover bass (replaced by Fred Gandy after the release of the second album.

Hawkwind – Hurry On Sundown

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Hawkwind’s self-titled first album released in 1970 opened with Hurry On Sundown credited to Dave Brock originally, but later releases credit the tracks to Brock/Hawkwind. It is quite different to their later albums, being more of a folky/jam album as opposed to the more electric riffy space rock that Hawkwind are more renowned for. The line-up on the album were Dave Brock vocals, guitar & keyboards, Nik Turner saxophone, flute & vocals, Huw Lloyd-Langton guitar & vocals, John A. Harrison bass & vocals, Dik Mik synthesizer, Terry Ollis drums.

Spooky Tooth – The Mirror

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The Mirror from the 1974 album of the same name by Spooky Tooth. At the time of this recording they were Gary Wright vocals & keyboards, Mick Jones guitars, Mike Patto vocals, keyboards & percussion, Mike Kellie drums, Val Burke vocals & bass.

The title track from the Steve Miller Band’s ninth album, 1976’s Fly Like An Eagle, was also released in a version with a shorter timing as a single. Written by Steve Miller, the song featured the core band on the album, Steve Miller vocals & guitar, Lonnie Turner bass, Gary Mallaber drums plus additional musician Joachim Young organ.

The title track from Lenny Kravitz’s third album, 1993’s Are You Gonna Go My Way (Note: there was no question mark used), was written by Lenny Kravitz and Craig Ross and also released as a single. The album reached #1 in the Uk and the single peaked at #4 in the charts. The band were Lenny Kravitz vocals and guitar, Craig Ross guitar, Tony Breit bass, Cindy Blackman drums.

Frank Zappa – Inca Roads

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From the 1975 album One Size Fits All the opening track Inca Roads features George Duke lead vocals & keyboards, Ruth Underwood marimba, Chester Thompson drums, Tom Fowler bass, Napoleon Murphy Brock woodwind & backing vocals and Frank Zappa backing vocals & guitar, including an excellent guitar solo.