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Van der Graaf Generator released their fourth album Pawn Hearts in 1971, side one opened with Lemmings (including COG), written by Peter Hammill the singer with the band.


From the 1971 album Meddle, one of Pink Floyd’s best. comes A Pillow Of Winds credited to Roger Waters bass and Dave Gilmour guitar, the other band members were Rick Wright keyboards and Nick Mason drums.

Family – In My Own Time

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Music, Rock
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One of the best bands ever, Family, that during its existence recorded many great tracks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them here soon. Never released on any album, In My Own Time, 1971,  surprisingly reached number 4 in the charts and was Family’s highest charting single. The B-side Seasons is good as well.

C.O.B. is Clive’s Original Band, amd Clive is Clive Palmer former member of The Incredible String Band and on their first album, and the song Soft Touches Of Love is on C.O.B.’s first LP, Spirit Of Love.